4 The WiN Productions offers a full spectrum of  video services to cater to your  individual teams needs.  We want you to focus on being a great coach and let us worry about filming the game.  As a parent, you should be enjoying these moments with your own eyes, not a tiny camera screen or phone.  We provide professional video services at very affordable prices for teams of any size.  Ask us for a quote on covering your upcoming season.

Game Films

4 the Win can film an entire season or just one game.  We film games in a broadcast style, much like you would see from the primary camera on a television broadcast.  We have next day turn around for game films so they can be used by coaches.  We can also upload your game film to sites like Hudl and Krossover for a small fee.  We can use the game films to make end of the year highlights or individual player highlights.  Contact us today to see how we can cover your upcoming season.  We have flexible pricing to match any teams budget.


Team Highlights

After we film a teams season, we can put together a highlight video for end of the year celebrations.  The highlights can be as simple as a montage of the best plays of the season, or we can add more cinematic elements and additional camera angles for an amazing end of the year video that everyone will love.  


Player Highlights

We can put together an individual highlight reel of your players best plays of the season.  We customize each video depending on its desired use.  You can use player highlights to send to college coaches and scouts to help in securing athletic scholarships.  If your player doesn't intend on using the video for college, then we can add music and slow motion replays to make a video he will cherish for years down the road.  We can upload highlights to Hudl and online video sites like vimeo for sharing with Coaches, family and friends. 


Skills Videos

While individual highlight videos may work for some, skills videos can be a better option for getting noticed by college coaches.   Typically, skills videos work best

for Softball.  We film your player running through a variety of different drills to help showcase their skillset to college coaches.  We then make a short video for them to send to college coaches to help get them noticed.  Contact use today and schedule an appointment for your entire team to be filmed for skills videos.


Scout Videos

Some leagues will allow you to scout your upcoming opponents.  We can help you

prepare for them by filming their games for you.  We offer next day turn around on

scout films so you have plenty of time to prepare your team for the upcoming opponent. 


Interview Videos

If you are having an end of the year party or banquet for your team, you may want to consider a player interview video.  We interview your players and let them talk about

their past season, about the experiences, and about the coaches and other players.  Its a great way to reflect on a season and help remember the experience long after they have moved on.  


Projector Rental

If you are having an end of the year party or banquet for your team, we have a large venue High definition projector and video screen available to rent for $300 for the day.  Make your

end of the year celebration an experience your players will never forget  with highlights from the year in beautiful HD on the big screen.


If we are hired to film games for you team.  We can cover distribution of videos to your players and parents.  We mail the videos out each week following the games

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