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2018 Shreve Lacrosse Videos

All of our games are filmed in beautiful HD quality.  They simply don't look as good on an older format like DVDs.  The clarity of Blu ray over Dvd is night and day.  We strongly recommend the Blu ray for modern flat panel TVs.  Blu ray discs also lasts for many years longer than
Dvds for preservation purposes.  If this is something you want to save forever, get the Blu Ray.

Check out the difference between DVD and Blu Ray (click this link) (WATCH IN FULL SCREEN MODE)

Shreve Lacrosse Season Package

The season package is available for Varsity games.  It includes a copy of ever regular season game played in town on your choice of DVD or Blu Ray. Each game is on a separate disc.

 The Varsity package will also include playoff games played in town (Games played down south will cost extra). Game videos will be passed out at the following game.  They are an excellent way to preserve these great memories for years to come.  We can also ship them to out of town relatives who may enjoy watching your sons games each week.


Varsity Package

(7-9 Games)

DVD - $80

Blu Ray - $100

Shreve Lacrosse

Team Highlight Video

If you would like a team highlight video for the lacrosse banquet, please let us know early

in the season.  You can find a sample highlight video here.

Varsity Highlight Video

(hopefully coming soon)

Individual Player Highlight Video

The individual highlight video is primarily for varsity players who are wanting to play in college.

 We go through all of the season highlights and put together a personal highlight reel.  We upload the video to the internet for sharing with college coaches and scouts. Individual videos are also a great idea for players to have a keepsake for themselves down the road.  If you are interested in an individual highlight, PLEASE contact us early in the season.  (These videos should really be going to colleges following a Sophmore or Junior Season.  Do not wait until after Senior year to try and get a scholarship!)


Individual highlights start at $300.  We require a non refundable $100 deposit when you order.  If we are not making a team highlight video for your team then you will need to purchase the season package videos and have your son watch them and select what plays he wants to put on his highlight video.  Please contact us if you are interested in a highlight for your player. 

Sample Video Here

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