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Evangel Class of 2020 Graduation Videos

The 2020 Graduation was filmed in beautiful HD quality.  For the best possible quality we highly recommend purchasing the video on Blu Ray.  It simply doesn't look as good on an older format like DVDs.  The clarity of Blu ray over Dvd is night and day.  We strongly recommend the Blu ray for modern flat panel HDTVs.  Blu ray discs are more durable and will last many years longer than Dvds.  If this is something you want to save forever, get the Blu Ray. (You will however need a blu ray player or playstation or xbox to watch the video)

2020 Graduation Videos

The 2020 Graduation was filmed with 4 cameras.  We captured audio directly from the soundboard up in the press box.  The Video is approximately 44 minutes in length and it is available on Blu Ray and DVD.  (You will need to have a blu ray player, pc, xbox or playstation capable of playing blu ray to watch it in HD.)   

Videos will be mailed out within a week of your order.  

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