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2018 Evangel Football Videos

All of our games are filmed in beautiful HD quality.  They simply don't look as good on an older format like DVDs.  The clarity of Blu ray over Dvd is night and day.  We strongly recommend the Blu ray for modern flat panel HDTVs.  Blu ray discs are more durable and will last many years longer than Dvds.  If this is something you want to save forever, get the Blu Ray.

Check out the difference between DVD and Blu Ray (click this link)

Middle School Season Package

Every single NDMS game for the 2018 Season was professionally filmed by 4 the Win.

We offer a season package of all 8 games at a discounted rate of over 50% off when purchased as a season.  The season package is available for the 7th or 8th Grade Football teams.  The season package will include a DVD or Blu Ray copy of each game on a separate disc (8 games total).  Game videos will be mailed out weekly following each game.  Orders made following the season will be delivered at the football banquet unless you would like to arrange to pick them up sooner.   

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